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Tweezzle is a virtual training platform changing the way people learn. Our platform is a forum for our community of learners, passionate speakers, and partners to co-create experiences that engage, entertain, educate and enrich communities. Compliance doesn’t have to be boring, complex or confusing.

Learn From The Best in Less than 15 minutes.

Tweezzle’s edutainment platform, is a B2B model that gives you access to the most innovative, inspiring and engaging experts in areas such as Regulatory Compliance, Decision Sciences, Investigations, Fraud, Cyber Security, Digital Currency, Diversity and Inclusion and so much more! We have partnered with seasoned practitioners who share their experiences in multiple formats. After all, everyone learns differently!

Finally! A better way to gain knowledge about tough topics that you can apply to your personal and professional life.

Innovate, Inspire, and Educate.

Join an online community of experts changing the way people learn about what are typically viewed as “boring” topics.  We make content fun, enjoyable and engaging, while helping you, the content creator, build your brand.

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Be part of a network of experts who are passionate about educating, inspiring people while making a difference.  We provide a platform where your voice can be heard . What are you waiting for?

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Join a team of innovative and inspiring experts who are collectively changing the training world. Be part of a community where everyone benefits!


Complex Compliance Training Made Easy.

What is a tweezzinar? A tweezzinar is a short training module, no longer than 15 minutes. Tweezzinars capture the real-life essence of a topic and provide the education learners need to perform at a high level. Our goal is to provide education from real experts that enable our learners to apply the content into their personal or professional life.


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We’ve combined training and entertainment through a number of channels to deliver content in an engaging way. 

Customized Training Program

People and companies have different needs and tweezzle realizes “one size doesn’t fit all”. We create programs which will satisfy your regulatory requirements and mitigate potential risks. Our training programs help you grow in efficiency and increase retention with reduced learning time.