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Welcome to our network of independent trade associations, consulting firms, RegTech firms, FinTech firms and other organizations with members and customers that require continuous learning and development. offers a wide range of consulting services related to Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing. 

In a post 9/11 world, the FBI initiated a program called Tripwire. The mission of the program was to identify concerning behavior in the community that could indicate a looming threat of a terror attack. 

PerformancePoint is more than a name. It is an intentional, directional stake in the ground. The name itself provides insight into who and what we are. Both ‘performance’ and ‘point’ are individually significant.

Strategic Exchanges Innovative Markets- is a consortium of companies comprised of ‘Best of Breed’ service providers that address issues revolving around Dodd Frank regulatory reform.

We are in business to provide cyber security consulting services to firms both large and small. We help organizations to develop effective cybersecurity programs, minimize the impact of state and federal compliance regulations, improve client retention, and mitigate security incidents

Finlocity is an online community for financial professionals that delivers high quality, accredited presentations, from the most innovative leaders in the industry and virtual solutions hub showcasing the latest financial technology and investment solutions.

Titan RPS provides consulting services for financial institutions, private investors, and investment funds on a wide range of investment assets.

VigilantCS is an innovative producer of intelligent cloud-based platforms for cost-effectively managing and monitoring conduct risk and staff-level compliance.

Barret is dedicated to helping our banking students excel in receiving an excellent community bank educational experience of benefit to both the student and their sponsoring community bank employer.

Be Real Online is a membership platform giving you access to interactive recordings and live webinars on real life topics. It is the opportunity having access to a mentor without the great cost usually denying people this life changing journey.

Briones Consulting Group – Established in 2015 Briones Consulting Group is here to help you Prepare your Home Care Agency for success, Plan for growth and expansion, and Rebuild by putting systems in place that will allow your business to operate optimally.

Anderson Investigative Associates (AIA) provides professional development to diverse client organizations in the realm of Interview and Investigative Techniques. 

Cybersecurity Is What We Do Centurion Cyber Defence values community over competition. New threats we discover are dissected, and solutions are applied across all of our clients, transforming threats into a growing resistance to attack.

ComplianceLine has been the industry leader in outsourced compliance solutions for over 20 years. Giovanni’s career has spanned working in innovative startups and advising multinational companies on strategic growth initiatives.

Kroll CyberClarity360 is a sophisticated third-party cyber risk management solution that helps organizations efficiently assess and confidently track their third parties’ cybersecurity and resilience.

Dispute Defense is a Full-Spectrum Fraud Mitigation Consulting agency, with an aim to assist merchants to build a comprehensive defense against fraud throughout many aspects of their system. 

Edwards Consulting Group (ECG) is a Texas based human resources consulting and research company that focuses on culture redesign; niche medical, administrative, workforce planning, outsourced HR support, and etc…

HEXANIKA defines success as victory over data. We enable customers to reduce cost or increase revenue by leveraging patented innovative data technology

Kroll is the world’s premier provider of services and digital products related to governance, risk and transparency. 

ReTrain Canada is dedicated to the reskilling and upskilling of Canadian’s working and middle classes, creating a solid foundation for their current and future success. 

Phase2 Advantage is a custom cybersecurity training and consulting solutions company based in Savannah, Georgia. The company was founded in 2014 by Michael I. 

Integgra Valuation & Advisory Services provides business valuation and financial advisory services. The scope of business valuation services and the methodologies applied therein can be unclear to many people.

Kaleidoscope Learning brings together expertise in educational research and practice, computer science and new technologies, artificial intelligence, software usability, and user experience (UX) design to create memorable, enjoyable experiences that connect with learner audiences and develop skills.

Kentara® Analytics is a strategic analytics services firm, specializing in quantitative risk analytics, modelling intelligence, and decision analysis. 

Schwarzthal Tech is a London based RegTech start-up building AI-driven tools for financial crime intelligence.