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We are here to provide you the best experience of our system. To show our goodwill we are providing you with free account access to our system. We also have free trial programs for our paid plans for you to check their features. We have a FAQ section where you can get most of your questions answered.

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We have four plans for you to super boost your learning experience. Check the features and pick the one which is most appropriate to your needs. We always recommend the Advanced plan though.





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Go through our FAQ and you will get most of your questions answered in no time. 

The offers are different.

If you’re enrolled in the courses only. You don’t follow subscription category. You can still access to LMS practicing account but only subject to the level you’re at. For example, if you’re enrolled in Vietnamese Beginner 1, you’ll attend live-class of 2-5 students and get access to LMS of Vietnamese beginner 1 account only.

If you’re subscribing the monthly or annually account. You can only access to the LMS practicing account and you can access to all courses LMS practicing at the same time.

People who have learned Vietnamese before but haven’t practiced in a while, and want a refresh of practicing can purchase the subscription without attending class again. You can access all 4 skills, listening, reading, writing and speaking portal of all 6 courses levels. Depending your choice of subscription, you can get feedback on your work.

You don’t need pre-requisite for subscription categories or even the live-class courses. However, for the live-class of higher level, we recommend you finish the beginning level first. If you don’t know which level, you’re at, you can always take assessment test at free cost HERE

Yes, you can, but for learning benefits, we don’t recommend joining 2 different course levels at the same time.

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